Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification

MGX subsidiary PurLucid Treatment Solutions Inc. utilizes exclusively licensed nanoflotation technology to provide oilfield operators with wastewater handling solutions.

The technology separates impurities from oil and gas wastewater and produces clean water as a final product. This allows for the recycling or controlled release of oilfield wastewater and reduces or eliminates downhole and associated transportation costs. Water handling costs are one of the largest operating costs in the oilfield and oilsands operations today.


  • Exclusively licensed and patented technology
    • $8.2 million grant from SDTC and ERA to commercialize water treatment systems
    • Fully integrated with petrolithium technology; offers standalone or combined deployment systems
    • Contracts signed with oil and gas operators to integrate water treatment systems

The system utilizes a highly charged Replaceable Skin Layer (RSL™) membrane related to the nanofiltration and High Intensity Froth Flotation (HiFF) system, known as nanoflotation, which collectively have demonstrated performance superiority over other processes typically used to remove contaminants.

The technology allows for ultra-high temperature water treatment (up to 700°C) at 10-30 times the efficiency of existing ultrafiltration systems and offers numerous environmental benefits, including contaminant removal, mineral recovery, reduced energy demand, smaller footprints and lower capital costs.

Left to Right: Raw water (feed), intermediate chemical ppt, final water prior to desalinization.

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